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A Green Oasis
in your Home

Do you become frazzled, worn out, forgetful, or overwhelmed at times during the course of a typical day?

Would you like to have a convenient, conducive place to comfortably rest, release the tension, stretch out, breathe some truly fresh air, clear your head, revive your memory, exercise, regenerate your energy and enthusiasm – right in your own home?

What is a Green Oasis?  

It is a room that has been converted to serve a unique purpose.  In it you will find:

It’s a new concept– an ideal home relaxation and/or workout space for the purpose of promoting wellness where you live.

Who is it for?  
It is meant to provide all family members with a place to take a beneficial relaxing break from the stressful, hectic pace of the day (and the dry, smoggy air) in order to remain healthy and productive; it is also the perfect place to exercise at home.
When will it be used?  
One can choose to use The Green Oasis anytime - morning, noon or night – before the day gets under way, after work, before bed.


You’re Invited to Take a Peek Inside The Green Oasis . . .

Visualize yourself entering a room in your own home that is quiet, full of lush plants and indoor trees, subdued natural (and/or Full Spectrum) lighting, and pictures of natural scenery on the walls. 


Once inside, you hear only the sound of a small water fall gently bubbling away; you can see and sense the moist mist rising from a decorative humidifier


In this room you can:

  • sit and read; listen to soothing music and/or relaxation instruction;
  • do some stretching while standing or sitting facing the mirror;
  • simply breathe the fresh, clean air;
  • follow along with a “MindBody TuneUp” slide show on the computer;
  • increase your heart rate using the mini-trampoline;
  • or just recline, relax and observe exquisite video images of natural places or kaleidoscopic imagery that appears on the DVD screen.
  • Whenever you feel tired, you can take a “Power Nap” (if you don’t know how, you can follow-along with Jan Dacri’s guidance on the MindBody TuneUp CD-ROM until you learn to do it on your own).   


Which ever activity you choose will be an effective stress-reducing and refreshing experience, beneficial to both the mind and body. 


When you enter the Green Oasis, for a brief period of time, you allow yourself to stop thinking about all of your worries, concerns, responsibilities, tasks and to-dos.  No phones will ring. No one will talk to you.  No Email to answer just now.  You can release the pressure. Let go.  Inside The Green Oasis you are meant to simply take your mind off of things, stretch, breathe, take a sip of water, relax, and recharge. 


By being able to do this now and then throughout the day, every person of any age (in school, working, or retired) can derive great benefits both personally and professionally.



Who designed this concept?

Thirty-three years ago, Jan Dacri received a Master’s Degree in Education from Tufts University, in Boston, Mass.  Today she is known as the world’s foremost female Memory Improvement Expert.  A popular and highly acclaimed speaker for corporate events,  Jan’s focus has been memory training, motivational speaking and in-house programs for Fortune 500 firms, organizations, and conventions worldwide, including 3M, Boise Office Solutions, IAAP [International, Association of Administrative Professionals], AARP, Human Resource Associations, YPO, Trane, Wickes, Owens-Corning, and Golden Corral Restaurants, to name a few.  

 Jan is the author of unique and original multi-media training materials that help you to “enhance your professional performance by being your personal best”.  Her MindBody TuneUp Program is designed to benefit people both at work and in their personal lives.

 Having heard from thousands of audience members since 1973 about their memory challenges and fears, worries about memory loss, Alzheimers, and aging, Jan sees the urgent need for people everywhere today to have a quiet place to get away, right in the midst of their hectic fast-paced, high-pressure day.  She feels strongly that it is imperative we take time daily to release the pressure, clear our minds, recharge our oxygen-starved brains, in order to restore our memory to full capacity and insure a healthy future. 

Jan’s unique computer software, books and materials provide the tools to use in The Green Oasis to accomplish that purpose. 


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