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To answer your question, Alberta, regarding memorizing magazine pages: 

I ALWAYS and ONLY attach the magazine page (words and pictures) to a Key Word. 

Consistency is necessary when there's the pressure of an "audience" distracting and influencing your concentration and recall.  Whether it's one person, or a group of any size, the key to recall is a quiet, organized, undistractable mind.  One that NEVER says "What if I can't . . . " etc!!!!!!! 

And because you can always count on knowing the Key Word for the Page Number, that gives you the foundation to remain focused.  If you use anything else, you can't count on it coming to mind instantly.  Clearly connected, Key Words are the most reliable place to store associations.  Reinforced visualization, active and entertaining imagery becomes solid and strong, practically automatic.  Then you’re ready to demonstrate recall with confidence.

So, connect the first item on each page to the Key Word for that number consistently.    As you practice, make one run through now and then simply recalling the Number:Key-Word to the-first-object-on-page connection.  Go through a set of 10 at a time, saying just that to yourself with a strong, active visualization; and making each "first object" pop up more and more quickly, without hesitation. 

Then, phase two, practice recalling also the rest of the page.

Remember:  all self-talk positive at ALL times.  See yourself clearly demonstrating successful.  Rehearse mentally as you recall, imagining yourself standing confidently in front of an audience of people who adore you.  Inspire them.



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