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Jan Dacri, M.A.       

President, MindBody Improvement Resources


“Power, excitement, enthusiasm, humor, and a sincere desire to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential, mentally and physically.”   


This is how Chip Andrews, President of FMI, recently described the impression Jan Dacri has made on audiences as a regular presenter for his company since 1973.


Jan began her study and application of memory improvement techniques while in high school.  She received her Master’s Degree in Education from Tufts University, Boston, graduating with Honors, Phi Beta Kappa. Realizing the important part memory techniques had contributed to her own academic success, Jan began to develop a memory course, conducting public workshops in Los Angeles, California and was soon being invited to speak on this universally popular topic for groups, companies, and organizations. 


Over the past 30 years, Jan has been invited to lecture around the world.  Her Memory Improvement workshops have been extremely popular during conferences and conventions for the American Bankers Association, the National Secretaries Association, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), AARP, Chambers of Commerce, Human Resource Organizations, Lion’s Clubs, and the Young President’s Organization (YPO), to name a few.  She has taught her unique and effective memory seminars at UCLA, U.C. Riverside, U.C. Northridge, and other colleges in Los Angeles.  Jan is invited again and again to speak at events such as Con-Expo (three times) and by companies such as Owens Corning, 3M, Boise Office Solutions, Trane Corporation, Wickes Lumber, R & G Sloane, Volvo Machinery, Golden Corral Restaurants, Carnival Cruise Lines, Acura, Nestle, Hilton, and many others.


Over the years, Jan has discovered that having a great mind requires more than simply applying memory techniques.  Our physical activity (or inactivity), what we eat, drink, and say to ourselves on a daily basis also have a profound impact on the brain (and the ability to recall information quickly and accurately).  She is also well-aware of what mental and physical challenges face us in striving to be our personal best while handling a full load of daily responsibilities at home and in our hectic working world. (She’s a mother, a motivational speaker, and was the president/owner of a medical equipment distributorship for 15 years.) Jan’s enthusiasm for self-improvement is contagious. She believes everyone (of all ages) can keep mentally and physically fit even while multi-tasking and handling endless “to-do’s” by integrating what she calls “MindBody TuneUp” techniques into their everyday routine. Her dynamic presentations are inspiring, humorous, and full of practical everyday applications.


The following comments are typical of feedback from Jan’s groups (click here to see list of clients and additional comments):

“Great workshop.”  “Most useful.”  “Excellent exercises.”  “Motivating, energetic presenter.”  “Contagious enthusiasm.”  “Fun to listen to.”  “Great, useful hints and tips.”  “Bring Jan back – she is terrific.”  “This session woke me up.”  “Jan’s sense of humor is delightful.”  “The interaction and the speaker were remarkable and excellent.”  “Thought provoking.”  “Fabulous.”  “Tons of great ideas.”  “I want more from Jan.”  “Most useful session of the convention.”  “Great tools to use and apply.”  “Wonderful speaker.”  




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