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MindBody TuneUp & The Green Oasis

The Green Oasis Program and MindBody TuneUp Materials have been designed for a variety of applications:

For Business – in the Workplace

For Home – Personal Use

In the Wellness Clinic or Medical Office and in Treatment Rooms

For Seniors in their homes, apartments, and community meeting rooms

All of these locations have certain things in common. They are where we live, work, meet, play and breathe.

The Green Oasis Program includes adding certain elements to indoor spaces in order to make them healthier for the people who spend time there.

The MindBody TuneUp Materials include software and video that promote a healthy lifestyle, including follow-along activities called “MindBody TuneUp Sessions”.

On this website you may read articles written by Jan Dacri in order to sample her entertaining, informative style. If you would like to know more about the Book, DVD, and CD-ROM that comprise the materials, you will find links to that information.

If you would like to preview the Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle that may be included in the Green Oasis Program you wish to implement, feel free to Browse the Store (you might want to pick up an item or two for yourself right away).

Recent News

November 28, 2005

Article from In Business Las Vegas

Oct 20, 2005

Article from Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sept 20, 2005

Announcing the First Annual Las Vegas
NSPA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners

Sept 19, 2005

Jan Dacri and Bob Linden on Radio Talk Show!

Sept 14, 2005

Jan Dacri chosen as the "Kick-Off Speaker" for 2005 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce BES (Business Education Series)!!

About Jan Dacri

Jan Dacri has been motivating and inspiring groups of all ages, from all walks of life for 30 years. Highly acclaimed as a corporate presenter, her clients include Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Boise Office Solutions, Owens Corning, Wickes, Trane, and countless others; and organizations such as AARP, IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals); American Bankers Association, Human Resource Associations, Chambers of Commerce, YPO (Young President's Organization), a variety of Seniors Groups and many more.


As a speaker she is known for off-the-charts hilarious, fast-paced, highly-interactive Memory Improvement lectures. You'll never find her behind the podium, she's all over the room; even the most conservative audiences participate enthusiastically.

Her Stretch, Breathe, and Relax sessions

are a hit at every conference and convention.






Jan's MindBody TuneUp Materials (Book, DVDs, and CD-ROM) insure that participants derive maximum take-home value from her incomparable teaching. With this unique Program of follow-along multi-media materials, anyone can have a better memory, enhanced productivity, more energy to handle to-do's, and a healthier lifestyle. Learn from Jan to "Use It So You Won't Lose It!" (your mind, your memory, and other essential things, that is).


The Green Oasis Program has been developed to create a healthy indoor environment conducive to the application of MindBody TuneUp concepts. To find out more about what that means, click here.





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