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“I went to the store without my list and remembered every item . . . from memory. I’ve never done this before in my entire life!”

– Alberta




“Now that I’m beginning to use the Advanced Memory Techniques Jan has taught us, my mind feel sharper than it has in years.”

– Paul




“I’m actually having fun remembering people’s names. I could never do this before the MindBody TuneUp class.”
“Here's a story for you. I went to my doctor yesterday; he put the stethoscope on my chest and asked me to take a deep breath. After I did it, he said ‘WOW! That was really great!' Since I've been practicing the breathing Jan has taught us, I have more air.”

– Mary





“The Memory Exercises are so beneficial. Like a gym for my mind!”

– BJ (Age 68)





“I’m bringing plants into my home so that I can breathe again! The breathing techniques really help me feel better.”

– Vicky




“Jan offers a program that's educational, entertaining, and valuable for every adult. It's especially helpful if you are concerned about your memory and health. Using Jan's workbook and CD is definitely a worthwhile investment of time and money that will benefit you for the rest of your life.”

– Avon (Age 86) We miss you.




“If you learn and use Jan's MindBody TuneUp concepts, you're going to enjoy greater vitality, and vim & vigor. I'm feeling the positive effects in my balance, strength, outlook and attitude.”

– Iris (Age 86)



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