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Important Plant Information:

Why Do We Need Fresh Air?     |    The Care and Feeding of Healthy Indoor Plants

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The Best Plants to Breathe By

From:  How to Grow Fresh Air; 50 Houseplants that Purify Your Home or Office

By Dr. B.C. Wolverton; Penguin Books, 1996.

In research designed to create a breathable environment for a NASA lunar habitat, noted scientist Dr. B.C. Wolverton and his research and development team discovered that houseplants not only produce the oxygen that allows us to breathe, they add moisture to the air, and efficiently eliminate airborne toxins. Certain houseplants, he concluded, are the best filters of common indoor air pollutants (hundreds of poisonous chemicals such as formaldehyde released by furniture, carpets, and building materials, and then trapped by closed ventilation systems).


The following plants were chosen for their ease of growth and maintenance, removal of chemical vapors, resistance to insect manifestation and transpiration (humidification) rates:

  • Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa)
  • Areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
  • Ficus alii (Ficus macleilandii)
  • Peace lily (Spathiphyllum sp.)
  • Golden pothos (Epipremnun aureum)
  • Arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum)
  • Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifritzii)
  • Dwarf Date palm ( Phoenix roebelenii)
  • Rubber plant (Ficus robusta)
  • English ivy (Hedera helix)
*Some plants will not thrive in the dry desert climate of Las Vegas. Click Here to view the best plants for the Las Vegas area.



Our local greenhouses are filled with quality foliage just waiting to help beautify and purify your indoor air environment, and provide your living spaces with fresh oxygen to breathe.

Our indoor plants and leafy trees are guaranteed to arrive at your door healthy, pest-free, and professionally planted in top quality soil.

Chosen for their ability to produce the most oxygen and remove impurities from the air we breathe (documented by extensive NAS A research), the particular selection of live plants and indoor trees is both visually attractive and serve the purpose of producing the maximum amount of fresh air.

Dr. Wolverton recommends 2 or 3 relatively large plants per 100 cubic feet.

Here is his formula: measure the room(s) by length X width X height to determine cubic footage. Then select two or three relatively large plants or trees per 100 cubic feet. The ones he prefers most (based on working with them for many, many years) are the Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Ficus Alii, and the Golden Pothos.

Click here to see the plants and trees that are readily available to local Las Vegas residents and businesses.

Purchase a minimum of five plants, and a member of our plant-savvy staff will:

  • personally deliver them to your home or office (within 3 5 days);
  • help you to decide where to locate them (if you wish);
  • talk with you about how to nurture them (including watering cycles, vitamins, etc.);
  • and assist you in installing Full Spectrum lighting if natural sunlight is not plentiful.

Feel free to also choose among our decorative planters and baskets or provide your own.

Professional, reasonable, reliable, bonded plant maintenance service is also available.

Click here to make arrangements: Contact Information

Additional Information
Dr. B.C. Wolverton website

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