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MindBody TuneUp Series - Book 1

Restore Your Memory - Retrain Your Brain

by Jan Dacri, M.A.

If you want to improve your memory, this book is for you! It’s simple, practical, and fun to read. Generously illustrated, entertaining, as well as educational. From the very first exercise, you will develop a faster mind, a brain with stronger retention, sharper recall. Regardless of your age and/or condition, you’ll improve just by following-along!

You’ll be instantly pleased and amazed. Soon you’ll be able to stop telling yourself that you have a “terrible memory”. Discover that you aren’t “losing your mind.”

Begin with any section that strikes your fancy first . . . proceed in any order, at your own pace. It’s a Do-it-Yourself Tool Kit to enjoy using, step-by-step. Self-tests at the end of each chapter will prove that your mind is becoming clearer, sharper, more reliable as you strengthen your brain, and up-grade your mental computer with a powerful, more efficient memory.

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Restore Your Memory • Retrain Your Brain

(Autographed Copy)

Combine using the book with watching the DVD and you’ll have more fun than you’ve had in years – using your mind! Let Jan Dacri conduct a five-session memory course right in your living room – great family fun for all ages! Get together.

Invite Grandma & Grandpa, kids 4-5 and older, Mom and/or dad who can then enjoy becoming more helpful with homework and using the techniques in business. Great for groups of employees in every field. A popular activity for Seniors who know “If you use it – you don’t lose it.”

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