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Jan Dacri onstage leading a group in memory improvement sessions.  Corporate presenter and motivator, lecturer and trainer, motivational speaker, mind-body Improvement, Mind-Body Tune-up, memory improvement expert MindBody TuneUp Series - DVD 1

Restore Your Memory - Retrain Your Brain

Presented by Jan Dacri, M.A.

Get ready to join a lively studio audience to learn Memory Secrets that will Restore Your Memory and Retrain Your Brain.  Along with practical techniques, you'll pick up plenty of useful tips and handy hints to help you develop a quick, sharp mind and a reliable, retentive memory.   Bring your pen, paper, and brain cells; then sit down and enjoy a unique experience guaranteed to be challenging, rewarding, and fun. 

This DVD is a complete memory improvement course designed to be used by anyone of any age, in any condition, in any line of work, or level of education.  Bring it home, watch it on your computer, or TV/DVD Screen. Take it to the office; share it with a group of friends, co-workers, or enjoy it alone on your breaks.  Take it with you on vacation!

View the entire program straight through for just under 2 ½ hours; or watch one or more sections at a time. Proceed through the chapters at your own pace.  Participate right along with the audience on your screen.  Ideal as a group activity to be viewed in 5 Sessions; instructions included.

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Memory Secrets DVD


A Memory Course for your Company, Group, Organization? - Public Repeat-Viewing Rights



Derive the most value from your decision to improve your mind and strengthen your memory; obtain Jan Dacri's book by the same title: MEMORY SECRETS; Restore Your Memory Retrain Your Brain.

You'll find that each concept introduced on the video is reinforced by corresponding chapters in the book; and plenty more! Humorously written and generously illustrated, using the book together with the video, will insure that you master the techniques, learn how to exercise your brain, and discover every possible way to improve your memory. Group discounts available.

Click here for more information about the Book


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