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A Referral Generating Concept

I.  Overview and Description

The Green Oasis creates a pleasant, soothing fresh air environment within the office - ideal for breathing, stretching, balancing and relaxation therapy.

MindBody TuneUp® materials (booklets, software, DVD's) are  introduced to patients during their office visits and are then available for purchase, generating additional income to the practice.

 The materials create an opportunity for the health-care practitioner to offer valuable instruction in wellness techniques to patients during the time they are waiting for their appointment and/or as a reason to schedule additional appointments that do not require the doctor’s hands-on treatment.

The Electro-Acuscope System provides relaxation therapy unavailable  by any other modality on the market and neuro-muscular rehabilitation unmatched by any TENS or muscle stim device.

Businesses referring employees to a nearby Wellness Clinic for Stress-Relief Therapy will benefit from: enhanced level of employee wellness; a boost in productivity; improved morale; increased job satisfaction; decreased absenteeism, sick leave, and attrition caused by common stress-related syndromes (significantly reducing overall health-care costs and claims).  

The Green Oasis and MindBody TuneUp® materials can play a vital role in a patient wellness program. By giving patients the opportunity to experience genuine Relaxation and Stress-Relief and learn useful take-home techniques during their appointment, your practice will boost its referral-generating appeal.

Visits to your office will be a whole new experience for your patients.  Walking in the door, they will notice the natural scenery and the sense of breathing fresh, clean air.  Your office will be known as an inviting sanctuary – a place to escape from the hectic pace and pressure of the outside world, a safe-haven to release pent-up tension, relax their nerves, recharge and regenerate.  They’ll eagerly look forward to arriving on time and be highly unlikely to cancel an appointment!

The waiting room and treatment room(s), once converted into “Green Oasiss”, give the impression of being very natural because of the living green plants and leafy indoor trees (creating oxygen/purifying the air), healthy full-spectrum lighting (mimicking sunlight), moisture and negative-ion generating devices (such as waterfalls), and multi-media nature scenery (photographs and video).                   

Using MindBody TuneUp software on the computer(s) in the waiting room, patients can make better use of their time before their appointment begins.  They can learn valuable breathing and stretching routines; or they can simply relax and unwind by looking at nature photos and watching digitally mastered DVD's of natural environments, while listening to the soothing sounds, and enjoying the fresh air.  Once in the treatment room, patients can learn and practice additional valuable health-enhancing techniques (explained below).


II. The Key to Success of the Green Oasis Concept

Besides the oxygen-rich air and relaxing atmosphere within the room(s) in the office, the key ingredient to the success of the concept is using MindBody TuneUp® software modules that provide the means to quickly re-charge and refresh mind and body.  Patients can learn short, effective routines to use at home or during a work break to support and enhance their clinical care.

Software modules include brief (5 to 10-minute) follow-along sessions.  One can choose to learn better breathing habits; experience tension-release by stretching and breathing combined; be guided through progressive relaxation sessions; discover how to modify self-talk to boost morale and enhance health; and even learn memory improvement techniques.

This innovative program is based on Jan’s 30 years as a motivational speaker on the topics of memory, health and wellness. 

Jan will personally oversee the installation of all components necessary to create the Green Oasis(s) in your practice (in light of your budgetary considerations).  She’ll conduct one or more motivating Orientation Session(s) for your office staff to demonstrate and explain how to derive maximum benefit from The Green Oasis(s) and MindBody TuneUp® materials.

Derived from her 25 years of training health-care practitioners across the country to use the Acuscope and Myopulse, your staff will receive unmatched instruction and support in the use of this revolutionary treatment system.


III.  Two Very Different Scenarios in a Doctor’s Office

Scenario 1:

A patient sits anxiously waiting in a treatment room.  Wondering when the doctor will walk in the door, long minutes pass slowly; his mind is racing:  “The pain is intense today, will the treatment hurt?  How long will this go on . . . will I ever feel good again?”  Looking around, he sees various ominous electrical contraptions with dials, wires, and electrodes sitting on cold, steel carts.  Pictures on the bare white walls depict human bodies, their systems, diseases, and possible diagnoses.  “What’s wrong with me?” he worries, breath short, shoulders tense, facial muscles scrunched and frowning. Glancing nervously at his watch, sitting sideways on the treatment table, his back begins to ache     . . . waiting . . . listening to the buzzing of fluorescent lighting overhead.

As the door suddenly opens, he flinches.  The doctor enters, carrying a chart. “Hi George, how’re you doing today?”

“I feel terrible, doc.  It’s just awful.”

Scenario 2:

A patient sits quietly waiting in a treatment room that has an ambience generated by leafy green living plants and indoor trees.  A small waterfall bubbles gently in the corner.  Without realizing it, the Full Spectrum Lighting is brightening his mood. His attention is focused on a screen which is guiding him through clearly-worded, photo-illustrated expansive breathing instructions and a few very simple, slow stretching routines; as he follows along, moving slowly and breathing, he is unaware of the passing minutes. 

Seated in a comfortable chair, his mind is calm, his thoughts are occupied with the words and images on the computer screen:  “The breath flows in through the nostrils, brushes gently against the back of the throat and passes to the lower lobes of the lungs, expanding the ribcage and allowing fresh, rich oxygen to enter your bloodstream right now.  Breathe out slooowwwly, emptying completely, drawing the abdomen in . . . until all the stale breath is gone . . . Breathing in, expand the abdomen and the rib-cage, and visualize the breath traveling throughout your system -  to your fingers, down to your toes, carrying fresh, clean air up to your brain cells . . .  Breathe out slowly and completely, releasing all of your tension . . . along with the stale breath . . . simply let it go.”     Visualizing the breath flowing in and out, he can feel himself relaxing while he waits, already feeling more relaxed and comfortable than when he arrived. 

Looking around the room, he sees only one instrument (The Acuscope) on a wooden cart.  He was told by the doctor’s assistant that this will allow his brainwaves to calm down and move in a relaxing Alpha rhythm.  Later, this instrument will be used to give him a gentle treatment to reduce pain and make his nerves and muscles repair themselves.  For now, two lightweight cords from the instrument are connected to clips over gooey stuff on his earlobes and while there is no sensation, he senses himself feeling more and more at ease as the minutes pass.  Besides the video imagery of ocean waves playing on a plasma screen, he notices pictures hanging on the light blue walls, depicting scenes of nature:  sandy Caribbean beaches, rain forests with waterfalls, lakes surrounded by pine trees and distant mountain peaks against blue skies.   Gazing at the living green plants and trees, the room appears very natural and seems to be full of fresh air.  He feels himself unwinding, breathing deeply . . . his shoulders are letting go; a quiet smile is lingering on his face.   He notices the unusual soft glow of natural-looking lighting and wonders about the subtle sounds of nature.  Looking around and listening, he imagines himself to be in one of those peaceful, natural places right now.  He takes a sip of spring water that the friendly assistant had given him and repeats the words on the screen, “I am feeling comfortable, peaceful and calm”.

The door gently opens and the doctor quietly enters, carrying a chart.  “Hi George, how’re you doing today?” 

“Actually, Doc, I already feel great, thanks to you.”

If you were the patient, which scenario would you prefer to repeat on your next visit to a doctor’s office? 

How soon would you like to have that relaxed, tranquil feeling again?

As the doctor, which scenario would you prefer to provide for your patients (and their potential referrals!)?

You can now give your practice a new lease on life.  Treat your patients to a healing experience they will talk about with friends, family and co-workers. Offer an inviting Green Oasis for their weary bodies and burdened minds.

Become the recommended Doctor of choice by nearby businesses.  Offer to reduce over-use syndromes and stress-related absenteeism; and cut health-care costs to a minimum by keeping the workforce in good physical condition and relaxed.

Convert your waiting room and/or one (or more) of your treatment rooms into Green Oasis for Acuscope/Myopulse treatments, enchanced with MindBody TuneUp® educational software, and enjoy a whole new aspect of patient satisfaction and enhanced therapeutic results.


IV. MindBody TuneUp Products

Materials included in The Green Oasis Program are as follows:


MindBody TuneUp; Repair Your Memory - Restore Your Health will be in print shortly.  The book will be for sale at Jan’s lectures and seminars, on her website, and in hundreds of traditional outlets, including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. 

At this time, booklets are available for clinical use.


MindBody TuneUps ® – Follow-along (doctor approved and endorsed) computer software created by Jan Dacri, M.A.   (introduced to patients in the office, available for take-home purchase).

The CD-ROM provides instruction in PDF and PowerPoint Slide-Show format. Topics include: “Better Breathing for Improved Brain Power”; “Stretch Away Stress”; “Harnessing the Awesome Power of Self-Talk”; “The Seven Essential Habits of a Healthy LifeStyle”; “Relax, Unwind, Let Go”; and “Memory Exercises, Tools and Techniques”.


1)      “Natural Vistas-Relaxing Scenery” – 5 separate DVD's contain digital video footage of natural scenery (ocean shorelines, waterfalls, mountain landscapes, underwater scenery, etc.)

2)     “Digital Kaleidoscope” – a delightful DVD of computer-generated moving, swirling forms and colors; has a highly relaxing effect on the nerves when viewed in a quiet environment.

Additional Audio-Visual Media

In order to make additional educational materials available to your patients who spend time in your waiting room and/or Green Oasis(s), you may order from a list of informative books, magazines, Audio CDs, and DVD's.  This listing will be updated for you on a regular basis. 

Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse – Feedback Modulated, Neuro-Muscular Micro-Current Treatment System.  Training for Doctors, Assistants, and office staff includes video and printed manuals; an experienced trainer will spend in-service time in your office, with you and your assistants to oversee patient treatments, as needed. (See details following.)

V.  The Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse System

The Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse, unlike any other modalities available to health-care practitioners today, can restore normal conductivity (measured in micro-amperage currents traveling along neural pathways), establish normal tissue impedance (overcome resistance), boost the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, and assist in resolving even the most severe and stubborn acute and chronic pain syndromes.

How do the instruments work?

Even the healthiest of bodies have areas of bio-energetic blockage for one reason or another:  the result of poor habitual posture, repetitive motion syndromes (overuse) or lack of physical activity, etc.  Especially in areas of damage – traumatic injury, surgery, or prolonged (chronic) conditions – there is increased electrical resistance.  Over time, the body’s self-repair capacity becomes diminished.  Pain signals frequently shoot to the brain indicating that this unfortunate condition persists.  While each cell continues to strive to accomplish its individual task of metabolism and regeneration, attempting to produce new duplicates of itself to the best of its ability, this work requires energy and often that energy has become depleted.

The seemingly miraculous effect of the Acuscope System is attained when a series of treatments is administered properly over a period of time.  Results are cumulative and include the reduction and most often the complete elimination of pain, restored range of motion, and the return of areas of involvement to normal feeling and function.  Even years-old chronic disorders frequently dissipate. 

A simplified explanation of the effect of treatments with this equipment is that it supplies micro-currents of electricity in waveform patterns identical to what the tissue itself would generate under optimum (healthy) conditions.   Each unit’s bio-feedback instrumentation “reads” the tissue parameters and automatically computes the optimal current output to correct electrical abnormalities.  The Acuscope generates square-waveform patterns mimicking the body’s subtle electrical neurological signals.  The Myopulse outputs sinusoidal waveform micro-currents, correcting irregular signals in involved connective tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia).  The Acuscope is applied from point-to-point along the nerve or meridian network; the Myopulse is applied directly to particular muscles, tendons or muscle groups.

Of course, the Acuscope and Myopulse do not do anything to “heal” the body!   As the polarity-reversing currents push back and forth between the two probes (electrodes), blockages are cleared, resistance is overcome, conductivity is restored.  Fresh, new energy in optimal waveform patterns stimulate ATP production, optimize cell wall permeability, open calcium channels, etc. (Research available upon request.) Feedback modulated treatments with the Acuscope and Myopulse supply electrical currents that can be readily utilized in the work of regeneration and self-repair at the cellular level.

Unique and most remarkable, a relaxation effect is obtained by trans-cranial stimulation with the Acuscope (at 8 or 10 Hz and 100 microamps).  In a short, 7 – 15 minute session, not only do the brainwaves conform to a rhythmical Alpha pattern, the pulsating signal promotes a balanced overall electro-magnetic field throughout the entire nervous system, most conducive to restoring a generally healthy state in the human mind and body (Ear clip accessory shown on right). To view additional accessories, Click Here.

The line of Acuscope instruments are brilliantly designed pieces of equipment. The first acuscope was released in 1978, far ahead of its time.  Today, with the greater acceptance of advancements in electronic technology, this system is now becoming more and more widely accepted in the world of alternative medicine, pain management, and stress-relief.  It has been proven to be a remarkably effective adjunct to chiropractic manual procedures and nutritional support, physical therapy practices and traditional medicine. For additional details please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

VI.  Support Material

“Patient Information” & “Wellness in the Workplace” handouts and brochures printed with the logo of your practice and contact information.  Photos and descriptions introduce the benefits of  The Green Oasis and the Patient Education Program you now offer - effectively generating referrals from satisfied patients and introducing your services to nearby businesses.


Informative website pages customized with your practice contact information.         Pages can be linked to your already existing site including photos and QuickTime video (virtual tours) of your Green Oasiss and Acuscope treatments.                             (Complete photo, video, and website design services available.)


VII.  Here’s What You Can Do

Schedule a free, no obligation demonstration in your office.

·       We’ll look at your waiting room and treatment rooms and consider which may be easily converted into “Green Oasiss” by introducing components (according to your budgetary considerations).

·      You and your staff may sample follow-along MindBody TuneUp® patient education computer software and relaxing natural scenery DVD's.

·      You and your staff (and several patients, if you wish) may experience a treatment with the gentle, micro-current Electro-Acuscope/ Myopulse System. Witness first-hand the immediate results your patients will enjoy when you incorporate these remarkable modalities into your practice.

Don’t miss out! It’s easy to implement this cutting-edge concept.  The Green Oasis Program will build your practice, generate patient loyalty, enthusiastic referrals, and business alliances. 

Contact Jan Dacri to find out how easy it is to implement The Green Oasis Program.

Phone:  702-376-4727

Email Contact Information


An added Bonus for your Practice if you Act Soon

Media coverage is planned to publicize the “new” concept locally in magazine articles, news reports and on talk shows.

The first to implement the Green Oasis Program here in Las Vegas will receive significant publicity and be recognized as innovative, forward-thinking practices that offer a unique and exceptionally beneficial, office visit experience.


VIII. Jan Dacri, M.A.  - Acuscope Background

For 15 years, Jan owned and operated the distributorship for the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse. Today she continues to conduct trainings for professionals in its use.  Practitioners include Chiropractors, Dentists, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Pain Management Clinics, and Spas.

Currently, her Green Oasis Program, software and materials, and the Acuscope/Myopulse System are being enthusiastically embraced by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Medical Practitioners, and Hospitals here in Las Vegas. 



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