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“Natural Environments; Relaxing Scenery”DVDs   Viewing nature on video has been medically/scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and help us to attain a relaxed state of mind.   Soothing, therapeutic, rejuvenating MOODTAPES, artistically filmed and beautifully edited and produced by Ron Roy, a brilliant nature cinematographer, include five titles (all just under one hour). Footage includes forests and waterfalls, mountains, lakes, streams, flowers, beaches, ocean waves, and underwater scenery.

Whispering Waters DVD “Whispering Waters”
(Experience the cascading waterfalls, lakes and streams of Yosemite National Park.)

Ocean Reflections DVD Video “Ocean Reflections”
(See crashing waves, watch brilliant sunrises and sunsets, dive into an underwater wonderland.)






Pacific Surf DVD“Pacific Surf”
(Filmed along the majestic Pacific coastlines of California, Oregon & Washington.)




Autumn Whispers DVD“Autumn Whispers/Winter Dreams”
(Fall colors change into Winter landscapes; filmed entirely in Colorado.)





Nature's Bouquet DVD Video

“Nature’s Bouquet”
(Close-up and panoramas including beautiful flowers of every shape & brilliant color.)









Product Name Price Purchase
“Whispering Waters” $19.95
“Ocean Reflections” $19.95
“Pacific Surf” $19.95
“Autumn Whispers/Winter Dreams” $19.95
“Nature’s Bouquet” $19.95
SET OF ALL 5 (Above) MOODTAPES: $94.95
"Serenity" - Combines a variety of natural vistas.

"...a journery through nature." -Ron Roy

Nature's Bouquet DVD Video

"...a journery through nature." -Ron Roy

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