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The Green Oasis, a Healthy Place to Work

The Green Oasis Program, developed by Jan Dacri, M.A., can take the best of businesses to the next level by creating an exceptionally healthy workplace environment.  The company benefits significantly in terms of overall psychological health by improving the physical quality of working conditions and encouraging time-outs to relax and re-charge.

The improved outlook of employees who feel they are being treated well tends, of course, to result in better quality performance, enhanced productivity, and better customer relations, leading ultimately to greater business success.

Certainly, that’s what has taken place at “Shred-it Las Vegas” (a document shredding franchise, a 16-person team).  Ask any of Bob Linden’s people. They’ll tell you things were really good before . . . now they’re even better!

“Shred-it Las Vegas” owner, Bob Linden, is a Business Council Board member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and attended Jan Dacri’s lecture for the 2005 Chamber Business Education Lecture Series where he was introduced to her Green Oasis concept.

Thanks to Bob’s forward-thinking policies, for over six months, Shred-it’s employees have enjoyed the benefits of fresh air and an enhanced workplace and the results are remarkable.

"Our  employees  are very positive about the Green Oasis and other related changes we’ve made in the office.  They love the brighter, stress-reducing full spectrum lighting, the relaxing sound of the fountain, the air purifier , humidifier, sofa, recliner, nature pictures and plants.

 (Some of them have even named the plants around their own desk!)

They especially appreciate the opportunity to “get away” on breaks in The Green Oasis. It's a great place for informal meetings and gatherings, and designated as a "Quiet Zone" at times - a perfect setting to reenergize and refocus.
We all take turns at the computer, watching Jan's “MindBody TuneUp” CD-ROM. The slide shows are both entertaining and educational. Great, valuable techniques for reducing stress, improving memory, and staying healthy while you work.

The bottom line is we feel we’re getting a great return on investment with Jan Dacri's Green Oasis Program."

 – Bob Linden


The concept has three distinct steps: 

1) Create the “Green Oasis” effect (a clean air, natural feeling environment) through the entire office and/or in one particular break room by the installation of certain components – live plants and indoor trees, air purifiers, waterfalls, Full-Spectrum Lighting, visual media of natural scenery, comfortable furniture, etc. This constitutes a healthier work environment and gives employees a designated place where they can take breaks to relax, refresh, recharge. 

Jan Dacri onstage leading a group in memory improvement sessions.  Corporate presenter and motivator, lecturer and trainer, motivational speaker, mind-body Improvement, Mind-Body Tune-up, memory improvement expert2) Conduct Motivational Orientation Session(s). 

During one or more in-person sessions, Jan Dacri introduces the MindBody TuneUp concept, demonstrates the use of software to be used on a computer located in The Green Room, and explains the purpose of and the opportunity to benefit by the improved work environment and taking relaxing, refreshing breaks in The Green Room. 

3)  Provide MindBody TuneUp materials – original computer software program, DVD's, and printed materials that include brief, photo-illustrated, follow-along sessions for learning and developing better breathing habits, safe stretching, balancing,  and stress-relief (relaxation methods), self-talk, and memory improvement techniques. These materials have evolved from Jan’s 30 years experience as a corporate motivational speaker on the subject of Memory Improvement, Fitness, and Stress Relief. 



Any and all businesses (small and large) can implement this program: call-centers, utility companies, retail stores, restaurants, car dealerships, casinos and hotels, hospitals, etc.  The Green Oasis concept and MindBody TuneUp materials were developed originally for people who must sit at desks (and/or workstations) all day, getting little or no exercise and breathing polluted, oxygen-poor indoor air, and suffering from the effects of prolonged exposure to fluorescent lighting. 

The purpose is primarily to give people in business (employees, management, sales) before, during, and after work, a conducive place to rejuvenate their weary minds and inactive bodies. The software helps to restore their outlook and regenerate enthusiasm. The company benefits by enhanced employee morale, better customer relations, reduced attrition, increased work efficiency and productivity by providing a psychologically (and physiologically) healthy workplace. 

In the long run, happier, healthier, more relaxed employees will mean reduced health insurance costs and claims (especially relative to stress-related syndromes such as high blood pressure, and other heart conditions, etc.) Insurance companies today are trying to promote better employee health. (Currently under consideration:  if a business implements this concept, it is worth a point reduction in their yearly insurance policy renewal.)   

To reiterate briefly: first, the room is set up and/or the entire office is physically converted; next, employees are shown how to take advantage and truly benefit from the opportunity; then employees begin to enjoy the enhanced environment, use the MindBody TuneUp software during breaks in The Green Oasis, and the company, like “Shred-it Las Vegas”, reaps the rewards by providing a truly healthy place to work.

Bob Linden invites you to visit "Shred-it Las Vegas", and experience the benefits of The Green Oasis Program first hand. Call Jan to arrange for a tour.

To implement The Green Oasis Program at your place of business, call Jan Dacri today. Your employees will thank you tomorrow!


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