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Read pdfs and watch PowerPoint slide shows
Created by Jan Dacri, M.A

A unique computer-based learning tool.

A key to the success of The Healthy Workplace Green Oasis Program.

Designed to teach MindBody TuneUp concepts by watching entertaining PowerPoint slide shows and reading pdf documents on each topic.

For use anytime, anywhere you have a computer:  at home; on vacation; right at your desk at work as a short break in the middle of the day – or in The Green Oasis Relaxation Room; ideal for Doctors to provide patients as wellness educational materials; valuable for computer-savvy Seniors.

Supplements and reinforces memory exercises, tips and techniques found in MEMORY SECRETS, the book and the DVD.  

Introduces HEALTH SECRETS; “The Seven Essential Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle.”

Product Name Price Purchase
CD-ROM:  MindBody TuneUp:  HEALTH SECRETS $19.95


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