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Digital Kaleidoscope

Using highly sophisticated computer generated imagery, employing fractal geometry and 3D computer animation techniques, Digital Kaleidoscope is a great aid in stress reduction. (Brilliantly created by Las Vegas digital artist, Stephen Thorburn; exclusively licensed to Jan Dacri for use in The Green Oasis Program.)

The moving, swirling colorful forms provide a centering focus for prolonged concentration promoting relaxation, enhanced by soothing, ambient music. Perfect for viewing while stretching, balancing and deep-breathing.

Truly a unique art form developed for use as a tool in stress reduction, relaxation therapy, or simply for personal viewing enjoyment. This one of a kind video DVD can be appreciated by everyone from all walks of life who will find it a beautiful journey in color and sound. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a homemaker, an exerciser, a student, or anyone who works in any high stress job, this DVD is perfect for you.

You may simply enjoy it for its lovely colors and music. You can even have it playing to provide ambient art on screen in your home, office, or waiting room.

View a sample (Actual Video Plays More Slowly):

Click Here to See Digital Kaleidoscope Sample


Product Name Price Purchase
Digital Kaleidoscope DVD

DVD Price: $29.99

Shipping: $4.00



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