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The Green Oasis Program & MindBody TuneUp

- What is it? -

It is a room (or area) in your home and/or office that has been designated for relaxation and exercise (mind & body).

It has an indoor environment that is quiet, full of fresh air, bright with sunlight and/or Full Spectrum Lighting*. 

It is a place to escape from the hectic pace and stress of everyday living to relax, recharge, refresh.

You’ll find a computer, DVD player, and music CD sound system available.

 There is a couch, and/or recliner, or bed (if at home).

 The fresh air (for healthy breathing) is generated by:

            Living plants & indoor trees

            Misting Humidifier(s)


            Air Purifier

 On the walls there are pictures and/or posters of nature scenery

 *Fluorescent (dull yellow) bulbs have been replaced with bright, natural looking light.  Full Spectrum bulbs, tubes and/or lamps enhance your mood, ease eye-strain, and promote healthy plant life.

 Other items you may find in the Green Oasis:

            Non-slip floor mat

            Mini-trampoline (and any other exercise equipment of your choice)

            Hand-held weights

            A sturdy, folding chair for seated exercise

            Full length mirrors - used for stretching, balancing, and alignment

Multi-Media for use in the Green Oasis include:

            Simple Secrets for a Better Memory (Book and DVD by Jan Dacri)

            “MindBody TuneUp Sessions” (CD-ROM by Jan Dacri)

            Natural Environments (Nature Scenery DVDs by Ron Roy)

            Digital Kaleidoscope (Swirling Abstract Colors DVD by Stephen Thorburn)

            Natural Sounds, New Age, and/or Classical Music (a varied selection of relaxing CDs to choose from)

            Up-beat music CDs (for aerobic exercise)

For further detail, click here.


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