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Welcome to Vita-MixFresh fruit juices and fresh vegetable juices are among the healthiest foods you can put into your body. Pure, delicious, unadulterated, natural, vitamin & mineral-rich, highly absorptive, and nutritious! Great for the Brain Cells (and all the other cells, systems, and organs of the body.)


There isn't another juicer on the market that is as easy to use and clean. And the Vita-Mix, unlike most other juicers, produces no waste . . . you don't end up throwing away the most valuable part of the fruit or vegetable when you juice with the Vita-Mix.


Vita-Mix - The most dependable kitchen appliance.

Here are 7 more reasons Vita-Mix will be the most dependable, useful appliance in your kitchen!

•  Patented Spill-Proof Vented Lid
Super-secure, with a removable plug for adding ingredients while the machine is running.

•  Durable Half-Gallon (64 oz) Container
Made of space-age polycarbonate for superior durability. Square-bottomed design for impeccable processing every time.

•  Stainless Steel Blades
Hammermill and cutting blades work together to completely pulverize whole foods quickly and efficiently.

•  Variable Speed Motor
Depending on the process, blade tip speed can be as low as 11 m.p.h. or as high as 240 m.p.h. A unique electronic feedback-type control adjusts motor speed and torque for consistent processing at any speed.

•  Heavy-Duty Wear-Resistant Base
Virtually indestructible. Won't become brittle or discolored.

•  Extra container with dry blades
For grinding and kneading.

•  Patented Tamper for Extreme Processing Power
Push food into the blades without fear of jamming the blades or damaging the tamper. Perfect for processing peanut butter and ice cream. Helps you handle ingredients that blenders can't even touch!

Applicable sales tax and shipping/handling charges will be added when your on-line order is processed.

Product Name Price Purchase
Vita-Mix Super 5000 (white base) - Value: $580.00 $479.00
Vita-Mix Super 5000 (black base) - Value: $580.00 $479.00
Vita-Mix Super 5000 (red base) - Value: $600.00 $499.00

5000 series


This versatile, high-performance appliance helps you prepare healthy meals quickly and easily without a single attachment! The machine comes with 1 polycarbonate container with wet blades, 1 polycarbonate container with dry blades (Super 5000 only), 1 lid, 1 tamper, "Getting Started" Cookbook (a step-by-step Guide), "Whole Food Recipes for Better Living" cookbook (300+ recipes), "Quickstart Instructional Video" and "Whole Grains Cookbook" (Super 5000 only).


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