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Motivational Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Corporate In-House Programs

Never behind the podium, highly interactive audience participation is her signature style. Enthusiasm, standing ovations, repeat invitations are the norm when Jan is the presenter.

Speaker Categories: 

Memory; Motivation; Wellness; Health; Fitness; Aging Issues; Mind and Body Exercise; Self-Improvement; Peak Performance; Sales Success; Workforce Issues; Stress and Life Balance; Women's Issues; Lifestyle; Authors & Writers; Future Trends.


    Motivational Presentations

        30-60-90 (or more) minutes

        1/2 Day (3 hours)

        Full Day (6 hours) 

    Family Memory Workshop            




   Brain Sells

        MindBody TuneUp

    The Healthy Workplace

    Glands, Hormones & Health

    Micro-current Technology in Medicine Today



Book and DVD by Jan Dacri: MEMORY SECRETS; Repair Your Memory – Retrain Your Brain 

(A Complete Memory Course)

Book and DVD by Carolyn Matzinger, M.D. & Jan Dacri, M.A.: Simply Natural HEALTH SECRETS

(All you need to know to be naturally healthy)


10 Audio CD Set "Yoga on Your Own" by Master Yoga Teacher Jan Dacri

(Learn and practice Yoga at home with Jan's clear, soothing voice guiding you safely.  Printed materials included. )

5 DVD Set "Rebounder Workout for Optimal Health" with Jan Dacri

(Watch and follow-along with Jan to learn to use the Rebounder for safe, fun Cardio)




Healthy SENIOR Lifestyle Includes Memory TuneUp Program" - from www.VegasinsideTips.com (PDF)  

Presentation Topic Details:


Memory is a universal topic and Jan's popular presentation is a hit with all types of groups and companies in every industry.  Informative, high energy, entertaining, and practical.  Even the most conservative audiences participate enthusiastically.

Absentminded?  Forgetful?  Having Senior Moments? Are you worried? Losing your keys and possibly your mind?  Jan’s presentation will help get you back to believing there’s a great brain between your own two ears.  She inspires, encourages and leaves all participants smiling as they impress themselves with the power of their own minds.

Memory lecture includes amazing demonstrations, entertaining memory retention exercises that strengthen brain cells.  Learn ways to "use it so you don't lose it;" secrets to overcoming absentmindedness; techniques to improve concentration, sharpen recall of facts; and the sure-fire method for remembering names.  A boost to self-confidence.  Great for personal wellness and business applications.  

Brain Sells

Popular topic, passionate presenter, perfect to motivate your sales team to engage their brains more fully in the selling process.  Remembering product details and client names is often a challenge; Jan’s methods make is easy.   Plus perfecting the “the pitch” is possible when you know how to use memory techniques in the process.   Jan can customize her memory presentation for your company and cause your team to excel.  A must-see program for any sales meeting and/or company event.


MindBody TuneUp

Part One:  MindBody TuneUp Lecture

We can keep the vehicle that carries us down the road of life in tip-top condition if we know how! Participants learn the secrets of maintaining a healthy mind and body while living in today’s challenging times. A motivational presentation introducing Jan's insights into simple, fundamental Health Secrets; "The 7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle" including: breathing techniques; naturally nutritious "fast food;" the 3 parts of a complete workout; stress buster/relaxation techniques; and the influence of our own self talk.  Fast-paced; funny; great personal take-home value.

Part Two:  Exercise Session(s)

Morning and/or afternoon workout(s), popular at any meeting or convention; always well-attended as a spouse activity.  Jan’s unique exercise program is a great way to start the day, or re-energize in the afternoon. Stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles; practice expansive breathing; relax your mind; re-charge the batteries of your vehicle.  Learn MindBody TuneUp routines to include when you workout at home, practices you will use forever.  See Jan give a demonstration of the Rebounder (mini-trampoline) for cardio fitness and conditioning.  Try it yourself and take your heart, lungs and brain to a whole new level of health.

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The Healthy Workplace

In a psychologically healthy workplace, people can thrive, even when the circumstances are stressful. The trend towards providing wellness practices in the workplace is growing. Articles are appearing daily in publications across America. Jan Dacri presents award-winning methods for making the workplace better for everyone, outsmarting stress, boosting morale and improving productivity. Popular with Human Resources, this is an informative and entertaining session. 

Winner 2005 "Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award" 

– American Psychological Association & Southern Nevada Human Resources


Glands, Hormones & Health

In our proverbial search for the Fountain of Youth, interest is surging in understanding how Hormones Impact Health.   This fascinating, funny, well-illustrated presentation takes us inside the human body to look at what factors keep us feeling young and fit.  Especially for women after 40, the profound benefits of Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is simply and clearly explained with hope and humor.

Women going through menopause have quietly suffered with symptoms ranging from sweating, dryness, lack of energy and irrational emotional distress to serious sleep deprivation. The impact on life that follows these symptoms can ruin health (appearance), relationships, and work performance. Until recently, the solutions were dangerous and often deadly; while doing nothing was intolerable. Now, there is a healthy answer that restores hormonal balance naturally. Jan’s excellent, informative presentation is based on extensive interviews with doctors and compounding pharmacists, providing participants with a safe way to help restore youthful vitality.

Micro-current Technology in Medicine Today

The Therapeutic Applications of Technology is a special interest topic suitable for medical and health programs. Pain & Stress Management by Micro-current Therapy includes an informative discussion of brainwaves, the human Nervous System, and stress. 

Since 1978, Jan has been the Trainer for biomedical micro-current instrumentation, instructing doctors and other medical professionals in the use of sophisticated, cutting-edge therapeutic technology.

Biofeedback-driven Micro-current is a boon to humanity and health.  Like a human battery charger, FDA approved, biologically compatible electricity restores cellular capacitance (the capacity of our cells to hold a charge). A new awareness of the micro-electrical properties of living tissue has produced nerve and muscle stimulation devices that can detect and eliminate painful blockages in the Nervous System and reduce muscle spasms, tightness, and tension without the use of medication. After an accident or injury, recovery is significantly faster.

Doctors and physical therapists who sincerely seek a possible alternative solution to drugs and surgery, can offer biofeedback-driven, non-invasive therapy that achieves remarkable results. When surgery is absolutely required, post-op recovery times are reduced by the ability of this unique equipment to boost and balance subtle bioenergetic properties. Jan delivers a fascinating, informative presentation, including scientific background, plus demonstration of the equipment, Electro-Acuscope & Myopulse and the use of a wide array of accessories.

Client Comments

"Extremely likable, a joy to work with. Rave reviews from everyone. Great topic for Seniors, presented with style and humor."

"Jan is a high energy presenter and does a great job staying connected with the audience. I have attended many international YPO events including Presidents Universities and I consider Jan to be on par with the top quality speakers I have seen. I would personally recommend Jan for any event."
- Jamie Sivils - YPO - January 2010

"As we anticipated, perfect scores in every category."
- John Shelly, Owens/Corning

"The Healthy Workplace: Innovative. Useful. Brilliant. Inspiring. The final Keynote at the end of a long conference, and everyone stayed to hear the last word!"
– Elsevier Nurse Educators Annual Conference