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MEMORY SECRETS Repair Your Memory – Retrain Your Brain

Absentminded? Forgetful? Senior Moments?
Here is the book that can IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY now!

A universally popular topic today, who wouldn’t like to improve their memory and is secretly worried about losing it? Jan Dacri, the world’s foremost memory expert and top motivational speaker guides you step-by-step through her highly acclaimed techniques; soon you’ll find yourself remembering with ease and restored self-confidence. Whether you're a savvy senior, a business exec, salesperson, student, or mom-on-the-run, MEMORY SECRETS will restore your memory and retrain your brain to retain information with amazing efficiency.

A highly entertaining book with techniques that are easy-to-learn, generously illustrated, fun to practice; apply Jan’s methods and you will be amazed when you confidently remember facts, names and faces, lists of items, and where you left your keys. Acquire that edge in business, advance your career. Be a master sales person. Or get better grades with much less study time once you know how. The secrets to having a great memory are waiting for you to use and apply.

Most Chapters end with detailed Group Leader’s Instructions. (Request Company, Group, Organization/Institution discounts when placing a group order.)

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Healthy Lifestyle Includes Memory TuneUp Program - Article from (PDF)

MEMORY SECRETS; Repair Your Memory – Retrain Your Brain

Companion to the book, the DVD is a complete memory course on video with high energy audience participation. Join in the fun! Right in your living room, office, or on your computer wherever you go.

Along with practical techniques, you’ll pick up plenty of useful tips and handy hints to help you develop a quick, sharp mind and a reliable, retentive memory. Bring your pen, paper, and brain cells; then sit back and watch while you enjoy a unique experience guaranteed to be challenging, rewarding, and fun.

This DVD is designed to be used by groups and individuals of any age, in any condition, in any line of work, or level of education.  The program can be conveniently viewed as a five-session memory course; participants each have their own book.  Detailed group leader instructions available upon request.  (Company, Group, Organization/Institution repeat-viewing licensing available.)

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A Memory Course for your Company, Group, or Organization - Public Repeat-Viewing Rights


Simply Natural HEALTH SECRETS (Coming Soon)
The 7 Essential Habits of a Naturally Healthy Lifestyle
Published Book & Companion DVD
Authors: Carolyn Matzinger, M.D. & Jan Dacri, M.A.

Medical Doctor Carolyn Matzinger, renowned authority in Anti-Aging Medicine, joins together with Health Coach and Trainer, Jan Dacri, to present a simple, yet comprehensive look at what we can all be doing daily to keep ourselves naturally healthy. In this book and companion DVD, you’ll discover how to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle and learn the secrets that can keep you feeling fine and looking great.

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Yoga On Your Own – 10 Audio CD Set

Jan’s gentle voice guides you safely; her clear, articulate instruction teaches you how to perform every position, even if you have never practiced Yoga before. Have a Master Yoga Teacher in your own living room; take her with you when you travel. Good for everybody in any shape or condition; no advanced or difficult postures are included. Develop flexibility, balance, muscle strength; improve cardio-vascular fitness and lymphatic circulation, relax your nerves, calm your mind. Use alone, on your own; or gather a group and practice together.

Each One-Hour Yoga Session includes a variety of standing, sitting, and floor postures. Enjoy 6 different classes, thorough, full body workouts; stretching, strengthening, balancing, breathing and period of deep relaxation at the end of each class. After the Two-Hour Session you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before!

“Salutation to the Sun” is Jan’s explicitly worded instruction in performing the classic routine, with interesting variations to enhance the workout; includes a copy of her article first published in the Yoga Journal in 1979.

Every session includes a printed, hand-illustrated guide. Choose any individual title(s) or save money & shipping costs by ordering the complete set. Complete Set includes 6 One-Hour Sessions; 1 Two-Hour Session; Salutation to the Sun; Yoga Breathing; Relaxation Techniques: $180.00 or $19.95 each. Plus shipping.

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YS-101 – One Hour Session


YS-102 – One Hour Session


YS-103 – One Hour Session


YS-104 – One Hour Session


YS-105 – One Hour Session


YS-106 – One Hour Session


YS-201 – Two Hour Session


YS-301 – Salutation to the Sun


YS-401 – Yoga Breathing


YS-501 – Relaxation Techniques


YS-CS – Complete Set of 10


Indoor Workout Shoes
For the ideal shoes to wear to practice Yoga or use the Rebounder, go to:

Rebounder Workout for Optimal Health – 5 DVD Set

Cardio couldn’t be more fun, safer or more convenient. Exercise at home, alone; or together with friends/family, in groups. Use each workout again and again. Watch Jan and follow along until you know all the moves. Instruction addresses all levels of fitness. Learn the most effective use of the Rebounder (and safety suggestions) to successfully lose weight, feel great.

Three 20-minute; two 30-minute; and three One Hour Workouts using the Rebounder.

Choose any individual title(s) or save money & shipping costs by ordering the complete set. $29.95 each. Complete Set of 5 DVDs $135.00. Plus Shipping.

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R-1 – Three 20-minute Workouts


R-2 – Two 30-minute Workouts


R-3 – One Hour Workout


R-4 – One Hour Workout


R-5 – One Hour Workout


R-CS – Complete Set of 5 DVDs


Rebounder Mini-Trampoline

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Needak Soft-Bounce FOLDING Rebounder $249.95 + $39.95 S&H
Stabilizing BAR $64.95

For those weighing over 300 pounds, please order the Classic Rebounder. It has a more resilient surface to support greater weight.

Needak Classic FOLDING Rebounder
$299.95 + $39.95 S&H


Healthy Whole Food Meals are Quick, Easy and Delicious! A whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life. New recommendations encourage consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. This is easily accomplished by eating terrific-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the Vita-Mix machine.

Make whole food juice that's full of fiber and flavor in under a minute.
Cook soup from scratch that's hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes.
Make frozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds.
Grind fresh whole grains into flour and knead dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation.

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MindBody TuneUp
A “Do-it-Yourself Tool Kit”

Includes Memory Secrets (book & DVD); Health Secrets (Book and DVD); Yoga On Your Own (10 CD Set); and Rebounder Workout for Optimal Health (5 DVD Set). Jan’s complete line of products will soon be marketed on Home Shopping Network; sold by doctors and health care professionals to their patients around the world; offered through corporate wellness presentations by Motivational Speakers Jan Dacri and Dr. Carolyn Matzinger; personal appearances on local and national television shows; through U-Tube, Facebook, reciprocal website links, and other web-based communications.

Angel Investment of $1,000.00 = 1%
1% of 1 million is $10,000.
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Jan visiting with fellow presenter, "The Real Patch Adams"

Client Comments

"Subject matter with universal appeal. Everybody needs this information to achieve peak performance in business and personal life."
- John Bradshaw, Author

"Jan's lecture was an unqualified success. In a forum where presenters are mostly men, Jan Dacri delivers. During the past three expos, she has drawn capacity crowds and off-the-charts ratings."
- J.B. Davis, ConExpo

Chip Andrews, President of FMI, recently described the impression Jan Dacri has made on audiences as a regular presenter for his company since 1973:
"Power, excitement, enthusiasm, humor, and a sincere desire to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential, mentally and physically."
- Chip Andrews, President of FMI